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emergency message

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Subject: RE: [emergency] RE: Opportunity for CAP? State CIOs Plan System T o Warn Public Of Danger

No disagreement except in extremis (patents have their 
place; this isn't it).  A Hail Mary pass isn't considered 
a good play; just available.    We don't need to have that 
argument here.  We'd be preaching to the choir.  My main 
interest is their business model.   If I were a betting 
man, I'd say they will be competing with Google services, 
MSN services, Yahoo services, etc. for that business.

DHS and HSARPA will have to turn up the heat on a reference 
architecture for HLS/UICDS.  Meanwhile, commercial players 
will fill the gaps as fast as they can.  That's the market. 


From: Kon Wilms [mailto:kon@datacast.biz]

Patents are patently bad. They also provide a mechanism to secure a
market with an inferior product and curb innovation. Exclusive rights is
just a synonym for vendor lock-in. After all, this is (supposedly)
public information.


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