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emergency message

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Subject: Re: [emergency] Alternate Schema modified for 1.1

Thanks, Kon!  Everybody, it would be really great if we could all 
test this version in our various implementations over the next two 
weeks.  If it's agreeable on both theoretical and practical grounds, 
maybe we could approve subbing it into the 1.1 spec on our next call 
and put this to rest.

- Art

At 12:17 AM -0800 1/12/05, Kon Wilms wrote:
>Here's the alternate schema we have been using for .NET (and now under
>systems running PHP and other scripting languages). I modified it to
>include the 1.1 fields.
>This was marked up on a unix system, so you may see some odd characters
>at the end of lines on windows systems. I suggest opening it with
>wordpad and saving it. This will reformat the crlf's.
>It should validate correctly (briefly checked on .NET 2004), but I have
>not had time to look deeper into this. 1.1 additions were diffed into
>the 1.0 schema.
>If you run a diff tool versus the original 1.1 the differences are
>mainly that simpletypes are not named (are we still beating that dead
>horse?) :-).
><element name = "msgType">
><simpleType name = "msgType" >
><element name="msgType">
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