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Subject: Fwd: [xacml] [Fwd: [PM4W] 2nd CFP : Policy Management for the Web (PM4W) Workshop at WWW05]

Hi Everyone,

I am forwarding this message to these lists for two reasons.

1. We deal with policy-related standards relating to individuals and 
relating to roles.

2. This conference, even more than XML 2004 is international in scope, and 
any involvement in specifically international communities is important.

I would be willing to co-author or aid the development of any paper and/or 
presentation, but I can't budget travel and accommodations for Japan at 
this point.


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>Subject: [xacml] [Fwd: [PM4W] 2nd CFP : Policy Management for the Web 
>(PM4W) Workshop
>  at WWW05]
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>This workshop may be of interest to members of the XACML TC.
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>Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2005 14:35:40 -0500 (EST)
>From: Lalana Kagal <lkagal1@csee.umbc.edu>
>Subject: [PM4W] 2nd CFP : Policy Management for the Web (PM4W) Workshop at 
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>Dear PC member,
>This is the second call for papers for the Policy Managament for the Web
>(PM4W) workshop at WWW 2005. The deadline for submitting papers is
>February 1st, 2005.
>We request you to (1) consider submitting a paper (long or short), (2)
>encourage appropriate people in your organization or among your colleagues
>to submit a paper, (3) print and post or distribute the CFP flyer, and (4)
>send us or PM4WPC@csee.umbc.edu any ideas or suggestions that will help
>make the workshop a big success.
>The PM4W submission site has been set up and is available at
>http://apple.cs.umbc.edu/ConfMan/. We will sending out instructions for
>registering and reviewing in a few days.
>Workshop Co-Chairs
>Tim Finin, University of Maryland Baltimore County
>Jim Hendler, University of Maryland College Park
>Lalana Kagal, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
>************************* CALL FOR PAPERS ***********************
>                     http://www.cs.umbc.edu/pm4w/
>                           A WWW2005 Workshop
>                14th International World Wide Web Conference
>                          Tuesday 10 May 2005
>                              Chiba, Japan
>In order to realize the full potential of the World Wide Web as an open,
>dynamic, and distributed ``universe of network-accessible information'',
>it is important for web entities to behave appropriately. Policy
>management provides the openness, flexibility, and autonomy required to
>regulate this environment as entities can reason over their own policies
>and the policies of other entities to decide how to behave. Using policies
>allows entities to specify expected behavior of entities they interact
>with. Entities can also adapt to increasingly complex requirements without
>the need for substantial changes to the structure or implementation
>through the use of policies.
>Policy management includes policy specification, deployment, reasoning
>over policies, updating and maintaining policies, and enforcement. We
>propose that policy management is required for the web for (i)
>constraining different kinds of behavior including security, privacy,
>conversation, and collaboration, (ii) configuration management, (iii)
>describing business processes, and (iv) establishing trust and reputation.
>     * Policy specification, implementation, and enforcement
>     * Dynamic merging of policies
>     * Static and dynamic conflict resolution
>     * Dynamic policy modification
>     * Formal models for policy verification
>     * Relationship of trust and reputation to policies
>     * Business contracts and rules
>     * Case studies for policy management
>     * Applicability of XML, RDF and OWL for policy specification
>     * Obligation management
>     * Policies for access control, privacy, and collaboration
>     * Decidability and tractability issues
>     * Digital Rights Management policies
>     * Policy engineering
>     * Enhancing P3P with policies
>     * User-oriented policy authoring systems
>The PM4W workshop will be held as part of WWW2005 in Chiba, Japan at
>Nippon Convention Center (or better known as Makuhari Messe). Makuhari
>Messe is conveniently located halfway between central Tokyo and the
>New Tokyo International Airport (Narita Airport). From the airport, it can
>be reached by bus or car in 30 minutes. Tokyo station is also only 30
>minutes away by train (the JR Keiyo Line).
>We seek two kinds of papers: research papers that report on the results of
>original research and short papers that articulate a position, describe an
>application or demonstrate a working language or system. Both research
>papers and short papers will be included in the workshop proceedings.
>Research papers should describe original research not published elsewhere
>and should not exceed eight pages in length. Short papers are expected to
>be four to six pages. Short position papers should provide insight into
>the requirements for, or challenges of, developing or applying policies
>for web-based information systems. Short application papers should
>describe an implemented novel use of policies in a web-based environment.
>Short demonstration papers should document a implemented system or
>language that uses policies. Each submission should indicate the type of
>paper being submitted: research, position, application or demonstration.
>Papers should be submitted electronically by the 1 February 2005. See
>http://www.cs.umbc.edu/pm4w/submit.html for information on formatting and
>submitting your paper.
>Papers must me submitted electronically by midnight (US eastern time zone,
>i.e., gmt-5) on 1st February, 2005. Notification of the reviewing results
>will be made on 15th March, 2005. Final camera-ready versions of accepted
>documents must be provided electronically on 15th April, 2005.
>PM4W will be a one day workshop consisting of invited talk(s),
>presentations of submitted papers, and (probably) a panel as well as time
>for discussion.
>Tim Finin, University of Maryland Baltimore County
>Jim Hendler, University of Maryland College Park
>Lalana Kagal, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
>Anne Anderson, Sun Microsystems
>Vijay Atluri, Rutgers University
>Elisa Bertino, Purdue University
>Jeffrey M. Bradshaw, IHMC
>Dan Connolly, W3C
>Naranker Dulay, Imperial College
>Tim Finin, UMBC
>Jim Hendler, UMCP
>Maryann Hondo, IBM
>Benjamin Grosof, MIT
>Anupam Joshi, UMBC
>Lalana Kagal, MIT
>Jonathan Moffett, University of York
>Wolfgang Nejdl, L3S and University of Hannover
>Bijan Parsia, UMCP
>Filip Perich, Cougaar Software
>Stefan Poslad, Queen Mary University of London
>Eric Prud'hommeaux, W3C
>Kent Seamons, BYU
>Norman Sadeh, CMU
>Akhil Sahai, HP Labs
>Marek Sergot, Imperial College
>Katia Sycara, CMU
>Dinesh Verma, IBM TJ Watson
>William Winsborough, GMU
>Marianne Winslett, UIUC
>For more information, send email to pm4w at cs.umbc.edu or contact one of
>the workshop chairs. A one page version of the call for papers suitable
>for printing can be found at http://www.cs.umbc.edu/pm4w/cfp.pdf
>To unsubscribe from this mailing list (and be removed from the roster of 
>the OASIS TC), go to 

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