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emergency message

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Subject: Approved Minutes 1-11-05 EM-TC Telecon

Minutes from 1/11/05

1.  Roll Call.
Patti Aymond
Art Botterell
Rex Brooks
Sukumar Swarkanath
David Ellis, Observer
Gary Ham
Elysa Jones
Tom Merkle
Eleanor Robinson
Rob Torchon
Kon Wilms
Bob Wyman
A quorum was present.
2.  Minutes from the 12/28/04 meeting were approved as drafted.
3.  CAP 1.1.  Handed off from the Msg SC to the full TC.  Discussion as follows:
        David Ellis of Sandia National Laboratories stressed how important CAP 1.1 was to the work they are doing.  He brought up a couple of issues 1)  Recommended removing name attribute from simple types 2) correct type in format (bold) on page 9 for sender header ID. and 3) recommend disallowing optional elements to have null contents.  That is, if an optional element exists, it should not have minimum occurrences = 0.
        Bob Wyman also mentioned an issue he has now and has had in the past with regard to how lat/longs are specified.  This issue was addressed and put to rest during resolution of issues from CAP 1.0.  However, Elysa suggested that if further discussion was needed, the issue should be brought up in the GIS SC.  Rex agreed to be sure the topic was on the agenda for the GIS SC meeting 1/18/05.
        David brought up some other issues needed to support the sensors efforts.  For example, where does CBRNE fit with respect to the category enumerations.  It was agreed for the present to code as "environmental" since that is what is being done in EDXL.  Tom and Rex will keep this in mind while working with the core data types focus group.  Much of the sensor data support will come in the CAP 2.0.
        Bob suggested that we maintain a separate document for data definitions such as a registry to disassociate the vocabulary issues from the spec.  This may be considered in 2.0.
        All discussion about the changes for CAP 1.1 are invited for the list. 
4.  Charter.  Art moved to approve the charter as drafted with corrections made 1/10/05.  Gary seconded the motion.  The updated charter was approved by acclamation.
5.  EDXL work.  Vocabularies and transport - work continues.  EDXL Distribution Header was discussed at some length.  Some changes were made to the requirements spec.  Elysa will update and re-post on the site.  It was agreed to identify the enumerations of element values in separate lists.  There will be specific lists for a) types of hazard and/or events b) types of agencies c) types of response activity. 
6.  The next EIC/DHS meeting will be 1/13/05, Elysa will be present by telecon.
7.  FOSE Interop demo - OASIS has been able to secure a booth at FOSE for an interop (no charge).  More information to come as it is available.
8.  Subcommittee reports - ran out of time, see the lists.
Meeting adjourned.
Respectfully submitted,
Elysa Jones, Chair

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