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emergency message

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Subject: Re: [emergency] CAP and Signatures/Encryption

On Tue, 2005-01-25 at 08:55 -0700, Carl Reed OGC wrote:
> Interesting discussion. I would like to add that are also a number of
> Internet standards (IETF) that deal with encryption and are used for
> encrypting messages, such as e-mail. This includes the work of the
> IETF S/MIME working group, specifically the S/MIME electronic mail
> security protocol that is widely implemented in commercial mail 

Just keep in mind that broadcast systems use symmetric block ciphering
to secure the payload. Asymmetric ciphers are used to protect only the
symmetric keys. It is a very 'different' transport world.

> agents. If you want something a bit more low-level, I would also check
> out the work of the IPSEC group, specifically RFC 3686 - Using
> Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Counter Mode With IPsec
> Encapsulating Security Payload (ESP). This standard incorporates the
> NIST standard that defines five modes of operation for AES and other
> FIPS approved block ciphers [MODES].

AES is good (and used), however, IPSEC is only usable on broadcast
networks when significantly modified. I know of only one system
implemented using IPSEC, and it never worked.

> As Bob suggests, rather than the EM TC define a new method of
> encryption, I would opt for a statement of best practices for
> encrypting a CAP message using existing, well known industry
> standards.

I agree. CAP should not dictate what standards to use, it should merely
offer a list of best practices, as simple and flexible as possible not
to push people into a corner where they will break the spec if they
don't abide to a handshaking encryption scheme.


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