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emergency message

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Subject: RE: [emergency] CAP and Signatures/Encryption

All they have to do is require it in their RFPs.
We'll do the rest.

They already are, but mostly, GJXDM is showing up. 
However, the move to the SOA is advancing fast. There 
are state RFPs for data warehouses, and Federal 
Department RFPs for incident management systems on 
the street today.  The problem is the chasm between 
what is being required and what has been solidly and 
scalably implemented by the prime vendors.

This is a timing issue for the public safety vendors 
who are just now building their next generation products. 
Public safety is a late adopter industry given its 
requirements for reliable secure computing are orders 
of magnitude greater than the average web company. 

DHS must work with the large players in the markets 
as well as the committees.  One without the other 
is ineffective.  The more the SecHS makes contacts 
with the CEOs of these companies, the faster and 
more cost effectively this will happen.


From: Paul Embley [mailto:pembley@mstar.net]

Art makes some very good points.  While it is great to say that NIMS sets
the doctrine and NRP sets the ..., the reality is it is the locals who make
things happen, unless there is money that comes with the doctrine,
protocols, etc.  Look at any federal project and unless it is funded all the
way down the chain, it doesn't happen.  DHS money is not reaching the
locals, so this isn't going to happen unless we can persuade the real
decision makers (police chiefs, county executives, city councils & boards)
that this is in their best interest and worth the extra resources.

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