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emergency message

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Subject: Re: [emergency] FYI: Cell phones to be used as data source in disasters

Unfortunately our (USA) present digital terrestrial broadcasting
modulation scheme and its lack of mobile reception prevents us from
doing this.


>       Thought this might be of interest.
>       Carl
>       Cell phones to be used as data source in disasters 
>        Japan Today - Tokyo,Japan -- More than one year has passed
since terrestrial digital broadcasting services began a new TV era in
Japan, with the services spreading from major cities to some rural areas
where prefectural government offices are located. "This is a news
bulletin. There was a strong earthquake in the Kanto region," the voice
of an announcer sounded from a mobile phone in a shirt pocket. When the
user looked at the liquid crystal screen, it automatically changed to a
TV screen, and text containing information began to appear in the lower
part of the screen. This is the scene of a demonstration using a mobile
phone produced on a trial basis that can receive terrestrial digital
broadcasting services. KDDI Corp and Hitachi Ltd are jointly developing
the mobile phone. The terminal is equipped with a global positioning
system (GPS). "Linked with the GPS, broadcasters can also automatically
send information about the nearest shelter," said Tatsuo Shibata, deputy
director of the media technology development department at KDDI... 

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