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emergency message

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Subject: EM-TC Minutes 1/25/05 and EDXL Working Group Minutes 1/28/05

Please be prepared with any corrections to the minutes below at the next meeting of the EM-TC, February 8.

Draft minutes 1/25/05 EM-TC telecon

1.  Roll Call.
Art Botterell
Rex Brooks
David Ellis, Observer
Paul Embley
Gary Ham
Elysa Jones
Tom Merkle
Michelle Raymond
Carl Reed
Eleanor Robinson
Kon Wilms
Bob Wyman
A quorum was present.

2.  Minutes from the 1/11/05 meeting were approved as drafted.

3.  CAP 1.1
        -  Removing the name attribute from the simple type.  After discussions on the list and calls, it was agreed to remove the name attribute from simple type. 
        -  It was agreed that we must allow nulls.  Art will craft words to add to the spec.
        -  It was agreed to clarify the wording about coordinates in the Southern and Western hemisphere being signed negative to "Latitudes in the Southern Hemisphere and longitudes in the Western Hemisphere are signed negative with a leading dash."  This wording was approved for the CAP 1.1.  Carl and the GIS SC will suggest a best practices approach to consider for the next revision of CAP. 
        -  There has been much discussion on the list about including some manner of encryption in the CAP 1.1.  Art will suggest wording.

We will try to wrap up any changes for CAP 1.1 soon so that we can get these into the formal review process by the the middle of February.

4.  EDXL - there will be a working group call Friday 1/28 at 12:00 EST.

Meeting adjourned

The EDXL working group met via telecon 1/28/05

Those on the call were:  Rex Brooks, Art Botterell, Michelle Raymond, Sukamar Dwarkanath,

1.  Vocabulary.  Rex clarified what he was doing with the vocabulary.  We discussed the status with the GJXDM and that the tools identified were not proving helpful to get the definitions mapped to existing CAP vocabulary.  Rex and the Msg SC will take this on and parse out the pieces to be done in a spread sheet - brute force.  It was noted that Tom had already started this and several folks had volunteered to help.

2.  EDXL Spec.  It was agreed to take the Routing Block piece of EDXL as modified during the last call and put it in specification format.  It will be one several documents.  The others will be the EDXL General Functional Requirements, EDXL Standard Message Format, Types of Hazards and/or Events, Types of Agencies, and Types of Response Activity.  I will put these into spec format for TC review.

3.  CAP 1.1.  We also discussed what the time line would be for CAP 1.1.  We actually have until mid Feb before the review period gets extended.  We would like to get CAP 1.1 into review before then.  We would like to include the Digital Signature Proposal that has been suggested and circulated on the list.  If some good proposal comes forth for the list for the extensibility in the resource block, we may be able to review that as well.  Please provide any comments on the topics being circulated on the list.  I will try to have the 1.1 in format and posted by 2/5/05.  We could vote during the next TC meeting to adopt it as a committee draft 2/8/05.

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Elysa Jones, Chair

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