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emergency message

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Subject: Re: [emergency] PubSub Eathquake subscription page available. Also, CAP format is supported.

At 03:41 AM 2/7/2005, Bob Wyman wrote:
>[...] we're considering whether we should provide CAP format messages for 
>the FAA Airport delay and status messages that we currently support on our 
>If you have any thoughts on how this could best be done via CAP, please 
>let me know. And, if you know of any other data streams that are publicly 
>available and that you think should be served in a similar fashion please 
>let me know.

The Department of Transportation representative in the Disaster Management 
e-government initiative, is Tom Sachs in the DOT Office of Emergency 
Transportation http://www.rspa.dot.gov/oet/oet/contact_oet.html

BTW, DOT also maintains a site about road condition warnings 

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