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emergency message

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Subject: Re: [emergency] Overview of CAP Alert Routing Examples

Hi Eliot,

Welcome back, I hope. I gave it a run through and nothing jumped out at me. 
Very nice overview.

I did notice, however, one issue I don't think we have given thou
ght to providing for in EDXL, which is the ability of a network node to 
reveal/not-reveal the sender of a CAP or other Emergency Message. There are 
obvious legal issues there, which need to be examined. The best I can do is 
to keep an eye out as I go through the GJXDM, or as much of it as I take on 
in the effort to cross check elements, complexTypes, simpleTypes, etc, to 
make sure there are no unresolved datamodel collisions.


At 03:54 AM 2/7/2005, Eliot Christian wrote:
>I have drafted a preliminary attempt to elucidate some of the
>issues in a communications architecture for routing of alerts
>that use Common Alerting Protocol (CAP). This draft is online
>at http://www.search.gov/cap/routing.ppt
>I would appreciate your review of this presentation and please
>do let me know of any errors or critical omissions.
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