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emergency message

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Subject: Problem posting CAP 1.1 messages

One of our developers, Brad Cupit, is attempting to post CAP 1.1 messages, but he is having problems. I sent him Kon's alternate schema (posted 1/12/2005), but he still can't get it to work. I'm hoping someone can point him in the right direction. Below is the latest message from him:

"I looked at the schema files that you sent and the namespace that they reference is a url which does not resolve: http://www.incident.com/cap/1.1

I tried running puff without any namespace at all, and it defaulted to the 1.0 version.

[Maybe] Im pointing to a 1.0 DMIS server instead of a 1.1 version. Do you know the url for the 1.1 DMIS server?"

All suggestions/advice appreciated...


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