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emergency message

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Subject: Re: [emergency] Problem posting CAP 1.1 messages

Patti -

It might be a bit early for CAP 1.1... it isn't even to the Committee 
Draft level yet and we need to review the latest version and then 
send it to public review before it'll really be stable.  That's why 
the schema isn't posted yet.  And I'm not sure DMIS has implemented a 
1.1 interface yet, although I'll defer to Gary on that.

- Art

At 11:19 PM +0000 2/16/05, patti.aymond@ieminc.com wrote:
>One of our developers, Brad Cupit, is attempting to post CAP 1.1 
>messages, but he is having problems. I sent him Kon's alternate 
>schema (posted 1/12/2005), but he still can't get it to work. I'm 
>hoping someone can point him in the right direction. Below is the 
>latest message from him:
>"I looked at the schema files that you sent and the namespace that 
>they reference is a url which does not resolve: 
>I tried running puff without any namespace at all, and it defaulted 
>to the 1.0 version.
>[Maybe] Im pointing to a 1.0 DMIS server instead of a 1.1 version. 
>Do you know the url for the 1.1 DMIS server?"
>All suggestions/advice appreciated...

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