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Subject: RE: [emergency] Comments - IEEE 1512

While one can blithely say, "The great thing about 
standards is that there are so many to choose from", 
when attempting to put plans in place for next gen products, 
that is a real disaster for the product planning groups of 
the public safety vendors.

So we can't rely on OASIS, IEEE, or ISO.  In the end, 
we rely on the contracting process as instantiated in the 
RFPs from our customers and the customer steering groups 
of the existing customer base.  It is crucial for DHS 
to understand that.

Some games are of the form RPS: there is no optimum 
strategy, therefore, no Nash equilibrium.  One wonders 
if the uncertainty serves the nation or the 
globe given that in an RPS form, the best strategy 
is to enforce randomness.


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