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emergency message

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Subject: RE: [emergency] FW: Inter-Governmental Information Sharing Standards: Meeting March 8

++1.  The heralds of the death march to the sea are the 
siren calls from the shipwrecks.  Best to keep to the 


Most of you are likely aware that the version/namespace 
issue is back in front of the W3C tag.  In summary:

1.  Namespaces a theoretically infinite sets if one 
thinks a the NSURI identifies the collection.

2.  The conservative interpretation is the NSURI is 
just a syntax wall for distinguishing say, xhtml:p from 
html:p, but has no semantic implications and doesn't 
really name the set.  It is good practice architecturally 
to put a resource (document, control, whatever) at the 
location the URI locates (simply by dint of being a URI). 
Discussions are ongoing about the best form of that resource 
(eg, OWL, RDDL, XML Schema, etc.).

3.  Some different proposals are being discussed for 
using version atts and perhaps even attaching these 
to the NSURI as a relative value.


From: Art Botterell [mailto:acb@incident.com]

All these larger issues do need attention, at the appropriate time 
and in the appropriate venues... but I'm suggesting that this TC may 
get more done by "sticking to our knitting" than by letting ourselves 
be embroiled into other people's issues.

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