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emergency message

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Subject: EM-TC Draft Minutes 2/8/05

Please see the draft minutes below for the 2/8/05 meeting.  Either email me any corrections or be prepared at the 2/22/05 to provide them.

1.  Attendees.
Patti Aymond
Art Botterell
Mike Dillon
Dave Ellis
Paul Embley
Jack Fox
Gary Ham
Elysa Jones
Tom Merkle
Michelle Raymond
Carl Reed
Eleanor Robinson
Rob Torchon
Kon Wilms
A quorum was present.

2.  Minutes from the 1/25/05 meeting were approved as drafted.

3.  Upcoming face to face meeting scheduled for April 28-29 during the OASIS conference in New Orleans is confirmed.  Two full days have been reserved.  No liaison meetings have been arranged to date but space and time are available.

4.  FOSE.  OASIS will provide an interoperability booth for the FOSE in Washington, DC April 5-7.  More information can be found at www.fose.com.  This will be handled much like the XML2004 where OASIS helps organize and provide a 10' booth.  Those demonstrating will share the cost of the facility support.  Those expressing an interest in demonstrating were Rob Torchon (E-Team) and Elysa Jones (Warning Systems).  Gary Ham (DMIS) will support the server aspect.  Any others wishing to demonstrate should contact Elysa as soon as possible.

5.  NEMA.  We were invited by the EIC and DHS-Disaster Management (DM) Program to have our chair present the work of the TC to the Preparedness Committee during the NEMA conference.  She will also attend some outreach meetings during the conference to get the word out about EDXL.  While in DC, she will brief the EIC on status of the EDXL work and attend a two day meeting called by the DM program with other standards bodies on the issue of overlaps in standards as well as vocabularies.

6.  CAP 1.1.  It was agreed that we would adopt Bob Wyman's proposal for digital signature and encryption into 1.1.  Art will work on the wording and submit to Elysa for inclusion in the document.  The effort of putting all the comments agreed to in our prior meetings into the spec is underway.  The goal is to have that complete and ready for a vote by the TC at our next conference call 2/22/05.

7.  EDXL.  Discussed the possibility of a face to face meeting early in March.  Briefly discussed the DoN XML document.  It will be put on the list for all to have access.  No telecon for EDXL was scheduled.  The requirements as handed off and slightly modified by the working group will be put into the spec format and prepared for more formal discussion.  We recognize there is much liaison work of which we should be aware.  Michelle will compile a list of standards works in this area and provide on the list.  David Ellis brought up the issue of classification and marking.  This was suggested by the joint forces group with whom he is working.  This seems to be best handled at the transport level.  Paul offered that the intel community has come up with an XML schema.

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Elysa Jones, Chair
Warning Systems, Inc
256-880-8702 x102

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