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emergency message

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Subject: Re: [emergency] IEM FOSE participation

Patti - That's great.  It will certainly help WSI in our preparations since 
we should be able to run the same scenario as we did at XML2004.  Anteon 
and CapWIN were also there, so that should simplify their efforts as 
well.  E-Team is planning on being their too, so we will need to coordinate 
with them.  I hope to know by the end of the week all the 
participants.  OASIS has a site defining their basic Introp demo policy at 
http://www.oasis-open.org/who/interop_demo_policy.php#logistics.  You might 
have a look at that.  Let's also, be thinking about who we can specifically 
invite to see the demonstration.  Elysa

At 01:57 PM 2/23/2005, patti.aymond@ieminc.com wrote:
>Good news. I was successful in getting the support here to represent IEM 
>at FOSE. I will be prepared to demonstrate the utilization of CAP 1.0 in 
>D2-Puff at the OASIS booth. Please let me know what coordination needs to 
>be made with you and the other TC members that will be working together in 
>demonstrating CAP value at FOSE.

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