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emergency message

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Subject: Draft Minutes of the 2/22/05 EM-TC Telecon

Please see the draft minutes below for the 2/22/05 meeting.  Email any corrections to me as soon as possible so these minutes can be posted. 

1.  Attendees.
Patti Aymond
Art Botterell
Rex Brooks
Sukamar Dwarkanath
Dave Ellis
Adam Hocek
Elysa Jones
Tom Merkle
Michelle Raymond
Carl Reed
Eleanor Robinson
Rob Torchon
Kon Wilms
A quorum was present.

2.  Minutes from the 2/8/05 meeting were approved as drafted.  Motion by Rex, second by Tom, all agreed.

3.  Discussed an endorsement of the "Public Warning Challenge" as circulated on the list.  Rex moved to submit an endorsement on behalf of OASIS, Eleanor seconded, all agreed.  Art will work with Carol Geyer of OASIS on the appropriate wording.

4.  Discussed the upcoming FOSE Interop demo opportunity.  OASIS will provide a free booth to participants.  Each participant will be charged $750.  That will cover the Internet connection, literature that is put in all attendee bags, sign-age, etc.  Details about the OASIS support for this can be found at http://www.oasis-open.org/who/interop_demo_policy.php.  Anyone interested in participating should contact Elysa by 28 Feb.

5.  Elysa represented the TC at three meetings in DC Feb 11-17 and a summary was provided.  A presentation was given to the NEMA Preparedness Committee.  This included a description of the DHS/EIC/OASIS EM-TC requirements to specification process.  The MOA that was signed in January between DHS and EIC was also highlighted.  The current work of the TC was briefed.  Several "outreach" sessions were held during the conference to promote the work of the EM standards development process during the NEMA conference.  The second meeting was the monthly EIC meeting.  The status of the EDXL Distribution and CAP 1.1 efforts were presented.  The DHS(DM)/EIC is working on the next set of requirements for EDXL.  These are in draft form now and concern the resource issue.  They are identifying the questions to be asked when a resource is needed in a response situation.  They are also studying the ways resources are typed and trying to build on work already done in this area.  The third meeting was a two day meeting with persons representing other standards efforts and included DHS (DM) as well DoJ personalities.  The meeting was hosted by DHS(DM) and was entitled Technical Messaging Discussion.  Several members of the TC were present in addition to the chair, including Sukamar and Tom that were on this call and Paul Embley.  I think we all understand this is a long term coordination effort that is not the scope of this TC although we certainly need to stay in touch with the efforts.  When the final minutes of the meeting are available, they will be sent to the list.

6.  CAP 1.1.  This document is still being worked.  Everything in the document has already been discussed and agreed to but the formatting and such details are still underway.  As soon as it is complete, it will be posted for a ballot.  Art suggested that everyone pay particular attention to the description of the digital signature and encryption sections that have been added to section 3.3.3.  We need to determine the schema needs to be adjusted to reflect these changes or is it ok to keep these comments as an implementation note.

7.  EDXL.  Rex submitted the "EDXL Vocabulary Report, Based on CAP experience with GJXDM" to the list prior to the meeting.  He stated that there seems to be nothing to keep us from moving forward with the EDXL distribution element as a result.  Elysa will put the specification document together with the changes we agreed to previously in the routing block section and get this out for a committee approval vote as soon as possible.  Art was concerned about having both CAP 1.1 and the EDXL spec both in review at the same time.  This was discussed and it was agreed that having the two out should not be confusing and in fact may help people understand their uniqueness.  A tentative meeting was scheduled for the afternoon of  March 4 for the EDXL working group.

8.  Other topics.  Dave Ellis expressed concern about systems using CAP that have many sensors publishing data for the same event and how that might be handled.  There was some discussion of how applications track these type of items internally.  Paying particular attention item name selection may help confusion. 

All were reminded to make their plans to attend the OASIS Conference the last week of April in New Orleans.  Two days of EM-TC face to face meetings are scheduled (April 27 & 28).  If there are any liaison meetings that may be appropriate to coordinate during that time, please let the chair know.

9.  Tom made a motion to adjourn at 12:00 and Rex seconded.

Respectfully submitted,
Elysa Jones, Chair

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