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emergency message

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Subject: EDXL Working Group

For those of you on the EDXL working group or others that want to listen in 
and/or participate, we will have a conference call on Friday March 4 at 
1:00pm EST at the regular number.  The status of the work is as follows:

Routing Block Specification:
1.  Requirements have been handed off to the TC from DHS via EIC and the 
2.  Vocabulary - after research by the group headed by Rex Brooks to 
determine if there were any collisions with other standards, it was 
reported that there are no road blocks to moving forward.
3.  Object Model Diagram - this gross syntax will be simple in the case of 
the Routing Block.  I would like to have someone step forward to provide 
this for the spec.
4.  Data Dictionary - Flesh out the syntax with semantics in human-readable 
form.  I would like someone to step forward to head this up.
5.  XML Schema - Gary Ham has supplied a good start for the schema and it 
is available on the site.  We'll look to him to continue that work when he 
returns next week.
6.  Implementation notes - I will keep track of the implementation notes as 
they come out of our discussions as well as continue the actual 
specification document development.

Review status
Assign tasks
Develop schedule

Until Friday,
Elysa Jones, Chair

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