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Subject: Fwd: Messaging Standards Meeting Report

This forwarded email and attachments is a summary of the work done during the Feb 16-17 meeting in Washington, DC referenced in the EM-TC minutes of 2/22/05.  Elysa Jones EM-TC Chair represented the work we are doing in OASIS.  Other TC members were also present:  Michael Daconta, Tom Merkle, Paul Embley, and Sukamar Dwarkankanath.

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        "'michael.daconta@dhs.gov'" <Michael.Daconta@dhs.gov>,
        "'bkalin@clarustechnology.com'" <bkalin@clarustechnology.com>,
        "'gordon.fullerton@dhs.gov'" <Gordon.Fullerton@dhs.gov>,
        "'ashley.baker@touchstone.com'" <ashley.baker@touchstone.com>,
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        "'thembree@csg.org'" <thembree@csg.org>,
        "'john.wandelt@gtri.gtech.edu'" <john.wandelt@gtri.gtech.edu>,
        "'kanwalm@saic.com'" <kanwalm@saic.com>,
        "'manny.insignares@consystec.com'" <manny.insignares@consystec.com>,
        "'phalley@comcare.org'" <phalley@comcare.org>,
        "'tgrapes@evolutiontechinc.com'" <tgrapes@evolutiontechinc.com>,
        "'sdwarkanath@comcare.org'" <sdwarkanath@comcare.org>
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Subject: Messaging Standards Meeting Report
Date: Tue, 1 Mar 2005 17:44:16 -0500
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Dear Participants,

We want to take this opportunity to thank you for your extremely valuable input and your commitment to coordinate efforts in the development of messaging standards.  We appreciate your time, energy, and contributions throughout the course of the event and look forward to collaborating with you at the next messaging standards meeting. 

Your participation in the messaging meeting held on February 16-17, 2005 created the momentum needed to bring together other standards developing organizations in order to reach our mutual goal of increasing information sharing.  From the presentations, where you shared what your organizations are working on, to the Principles and Points of Agreement, where you reached consensus about what steps must be taken next in order to increase information sharing, your contributions will have a long-term impact on the messaging standards effort. 

We hope to sustain the momentum and energy created in this meeting by calling on your expertise and experience to help develop and implement the messaging standards initiative.  We would also ask for your help to provide input about which other organizations involved with messaging and data dictionaries standards should be invited to the next meeting.  Attached to this document are the meeting report, a list of potential organizations to involve in this ongoing effort, and a list of draft definitions for conflicting vocabulary.  Please provide contact information you may have for the proposed organizations, along with upgrades to the draft definitions. Your comments and feedback concerning the report are also welcome.  A zip file containing presentations given at the meeting will be sent by Ashley Baker.  Please send all questions and comments to myself or Ashley at Ashley.Baker@touchstone.com. We look forward to working with you all in the future, and again thank you for your participation.
Chip Hines
Program Manager
Disaster Management eGov Initiative

Office of the Chief Information Officer
Emergency Preparedness and Response/FEMA
Department of Homeland Security

(202) 646-3115

Organizations for future involvement.xls

Vocabulary to Define.doc

Messaging Standards Report FINAL.doc

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