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emergency message

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Subject: Meeting Reminder and Agenda

EM-TC members,

We will have our usual conference call tomorrow 3/8/05 at 12:00 EST 
according to the following agenda:

1.  Roll call
2.  Minutes from last meeting
3.  Vote for CAP V 1.1 to become "Committee Draft"
4.  Vote for CAP V 1.1 to submit to OASIS for 30 day public review
5.  EDXL Status
6.  Other issues
7.  Adjorn

Please take the time to review the CAP V 1.1 prior to the call.  Also, 
there are two issues to be discussed (and hopefully decided upon) during 
the call relative to EDXL.  See the minutes below for the EDXL working 
group telecon from 3/4/05.

Present on the call were:
Sukamar Durankanath
Gary Ham
Elysa Jones
Tamer El Sayed
Tom Merkle

We agreed to the status as reported in the meeting call.  The work to be 
done revolves around the following:
1.  Develop object model diagram - Gary took on this task
2.  Obtain consensus on the enumerated values - Sukamar will (has) submit 
these to the list for review.  Please address any comments on these to the 
list or be ready to accept them as they appear in the draft requirements.
3.  Develop/complete schema - Gary took on this task.  However in order for 
him to proceed we need to decide two things:  1) What will be the general 
schema structure and 2) What will be the area block structure.  We agreed 
that we would like one standard representation for the area.  Gary will 
(has) put out a quick overview to the list identifying the issues.
4.  Develop the data dictionary - Tom took this on.  It will be dependent 
on the work coming out of #2 above.

Thanks to all for your willingness to help and move this along.

'til Tues at 12:00 EST,
Elysa Jones, Chair
Engineering Program Manager
Warning Systems, Inc.
256-880-8702 x102

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