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emergency message

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Subject: Re: [emergency] Groups - EDIT of emergency-CAPv-1.1

Why is simpletype naming being re-inserted into the schema?

on another tangent...

I also want to bring up (again) the problem with using named enumeration
types for schema elements like category. If we were using a
lookup/reference (in the form of a secondary XML file) table as I had
previously suggested, the schema would not have to be modified every
time to include values like CBRN. 

It also encourages developers not to take shortcuts by hardcoding the
categories into their applications.

Done the right way, any added category would only mean a change to a
lookup table (be it plaintext, stored in a db, whatever in terms of the
user's application space), with no schema or server/client code
modification required.

Instead, the only current solution if one wants to remain within spec is
to flag the category as other and then wait until a new category can be
included in the spec.

I realize the argument against this is that people can simply expand the
category list making theirs incompatible with someone else's, but that
is easily dealt with - include the lookup table as part of the spec and
have parsers flag & categorize unknown content as... 'Unknown' or
'Other' (or simply expand their local lookup table on the fly). :-P


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