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emergency message

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Subject: Re: [emergency] Unique Identifiers Discussion: Seehttp://taguri.org

Bob / All -

I'd support adding the "cap:" URN scheme... with an eye toward the 
day when we'll have other, perhaps EDXL-based formats also in play. 
How hard/lengthy is the IANA registration process?  Would it be 
feasible to get that into this revision?

- Art

At 1:53 PM -0500 3/10/05, Bob Wyman wrote:
>To provide some context and background on the discussion during 
>today's call concerning unique identifiers, I would like to suggest 
>that CAP folk become familiar with the "tag" URI scheme. 
>Documentation can be found at:
>             <http://taguri.org/>http://taguri.org/
>Tag URI is currently documented as an Internet Draft; however, it 
>has been accepted for publishing as an RFC. When the RFC is issued, 
>the ID will become obsolete although the RFC will contain 
>substantially the same text as the current draft of the ID. The ID 
>is temporarily available as: 
>A sample "tag-uri" looks like: tag:hawke.org,2001-06-05:Taiko
>This URI, and others which are assigned using the tag uri scheme, is 
>unique across all time.
>An approach similar to the Tag URI has been used by the Newspaper 
>industry in the definition of the NewsML URN's (URN = Uniform 
>Resource Name) that are used in identifying news content. For more 
>information on the NewsML URN scheme, see: 
>A sample NewsML URN is: urn:newsml:iptc.org:20001006:NewsMLv1.0:1
>Like Tag URI's, NewsML URN's are unique across all time. Both of 
>these schemes use the basic idea that a unique identifier is a 
>sequence of three parts:
>1.       A string which is "owned" at some specific time by the 
>creator of the identifier and is guaranteed not to be assigned or 
>owned by more than one administrative entity at any one time. (But, 
>whose ownership might change over time)
>2.       A timestamp that identifies a point in time or period of 
>time during which the creator of the identifier actually "owned" the 
>3.       Some value which is unique among all those used by this 
>particular creator in combination with 1 and 2 above.
>If CAP reference ids are constructed in the following manner: 
>(partial ABNF below):
>CAP-reference = sender "," sent "," identifier
>And, if sender is either a domain name or something like an email 
>address that incorporates a domain name, then Cap-references could 
>be guaranteed to be globally unique - across all time.
>Given the discussion above, I would suggest we might want to 
>register a CAP URN scheme with IANA. Such an URN might then have the 
>following form:
>CAP-URN = "cap:" sender "," sent "," identifier
>             bob wyman

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