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emergency message

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Subject: EIC Meeting

OASIS EM-TC Inputs to the EIC meeting 3/16/05

1.  There have been 6 meetings of the TC held since my last report.  This 
number does not include the meeting count of the subcommittees for GIS, 
Infrastructure and Message and Notification.

2.  Several people have joined the TC but are not considered a voting 
member if they don't attend 2 out of every 3 meetings.  So this is a 
rolling number.  There are 64 members/observers of which 14 have voting 
authority today.

3.  CAP 1.1 was accepted by the TC from the Message and Notification SC for 
acceptance.  Several issues that had been submitted by Dr. Iannella of 
Australia needed to be addressed as well as several editorial and clean up 
prior to a formal vote of the TC.  There were 5 comments and it took 
several meetings to address them.  One comment was respectfully declined, 
one was deferred to 2.0 and the other three resulted in valuable changes to 
the spec.  One of these was for the the unique identifier of the sender of 
a CAP message was explicitly defined.  This will be helpful in the top 
level EDXL (core) distribution element, one was a rather minor change and 
the other actually addressed two concerns that will support the DoD 
SensorNET activities.

4.  There are currently 2 laboratories, Sandia and Oakridge that are 
utilizing CAP in their DoD activities within their national framework.  The 
Chair of the EM-TC has been invited to represent OASIS and CAP at a meeting 
in Ft. Bragg in support of CAP for use in SensorNET activities at Oak 
Ridge.  A Sandia representative is already active developing CAP 
applications and participates regularly in the TC.

5.  EDXL Distribution Element - the details of the enumerated types are 
being worked.  It has been decided that the distribution element should 
have two parts, the top level that will contain, senderID, date/time, 
geocode.  Still some discussion about whether geocode includes the specific 
area block.  The other part of the distribution element will be the EM 
domain specific elements.  We have discussed that different levels of 
government will need to be identified with different routing.   There are 
ongoing discussions about the schema structure, area block structure and 
the enumerated value construct structure.  There will be a meeting of the 
EDXL Working Group at 9:30 EST 3/17/05.

6.  FOSE - OASIS will have an interop demo at FOSE April 5-7.  CAP 1.0 will 
be used.  Participants include Anteon, CapWIN, E-Team, IEM, Warning Systems 
and Julia Andrews (Long Branch is not a corporate member, so only the 
individual name can be used.  However, this company develops products for 
the US Postal Community).  There will be several invited guests to the 

7.  There will be an OASIS Symposium in New Orleans April 24-29.  The EM-TC 
will have two full days of face to face meetings to address specific 
issues.  I am hopeful that this will be a time that we can hammer out key 
issues with regard to EDXL.  We will have a voting quorum and should be 
able to get a good bit of work done.  With CAP 1.1 behind us at that point, 
we should be able to concentrate on EDXL.

Respectfully submitted,
Elysa Jones, Chair
Engineering Program Manager
Warning Systems, Inc.
256-880-8702 x102

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