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Subject: Common Distribution Element

The following is a snippet from Michael Deconta of DHS with respect to the 
distribution element.  Please comment on the list or be prepared to discuss 
during the EDXL Working Group call 3/17 at 9:30 EST.  The latest copy of 
the draft NIEM drawing I have is also attached for reference.  Elysa

>Hi Everyone,
>I agree with the concept of a common distribution element, but believe 
>there is considerable amount of due diligence necessary to implementing 
>such a concept correctly.  I would recommend as a first step some research 
>on how what EDXL has proposed in terms of the distribution element 
>compares to the metadata in the Document and SuperType elements of GJXDM 
>and how it compares to some recent WS-* work on standardizing the metadata 
>in the SOAP header (mentioned to me by the Systinet folks).  Anyone want 
>to step up to such an analysis?  In general, I think this is a key 
>component of message exchange and would be something we should look to 
>addresss in the NIEM CONOPS.  We should have the first draft of that 
>CONOPS out in 2 weeks.
>  - Mike

Draft NIEM Framework Diagram 1.ppt

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