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Subject: EDXL and routing over non-SOAP networks

The subject is fairly self-explanatory. Has anyone looked into this, or have I missed 
something? Are there recommended practices (or even a strawman) for routing EDXL 
messages over non-SOAP networks? Or is EDXL strictly for SOAP distribution?

I foresee having to connect to EDXL sources and route the messages over broadcast 
networks. Reading through the current documents I find the following issues:

1. In order to route EDXL over a satellite or broadcast network, I will have to essentially parse 
the message, strip out header fields, map these to broadcast headers at the packet extension 
layer, and route the entire message as a 'blob'.
2. In order to route such messages, one has to know what to target and/or how to filter. Set 
top boxes typically have proprietary targeting if running an application capable of filtering 
targeted data, or are configured via zipcodes (as most providers do). The IFSC wrapper model 
points to the EDXL spec for routing requirements. The EDXL routing block requirements 
indicate SOAP on a rope, URIs and geocodes, and XML. None of this maps 1 to 1 over these 

Any advice / comments / suggestions ? Or am I jumping the gun? 


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