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emergency message

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Subject: Re: [emergency] Meeting Reminder EDXL Working Group 9:30 EST3/17/05

Hi Kon,

I'm a west coaster, and I specifically required this time as the only 
time I could guarantee that I would be available.

Admittedly, I am an exception in that I normally get up between 3:00 
A.M. and 4:30 A.M. so that I can get some work done before the East 
Coast folks get their business day rolling.

In fact, today is a holiday of sorts for me since I did not get up 
until 5:30 A.M. because I was catching up on my sleep after finally 
delivering a presentation via teleconference with Plumtree to the XML 
Community of Practice at 8:30 A.M. Pacific/11:30 A.M. Eastern.

(I was, in fact, at a disadvantage because apparently the powers that 
be re-scheduled me last, when I would have preferred 3rd of 4, 
because time was cadged from a couple of other presentations to allow 
a later-scheduled presentation more time. In reality, as a working 
fact, this extra time actually got taken out of my time, and resulted 
in several important members of the audience leaving my presentation 
early because it was running into their lunch times. )

I mention all of that just to make the point that unless you are also 
a west coaster, (I'm assuming you are) making assumptions about me as 
a west coaster in particular are likely to be off the mark.

Last week's EDXL meeting was another case in point.  I was so busy 
being savaged by Murphy who seemed determined (unsuccessfully, thank 
the Fates) to ruin my presentation yesterday, that I forgot that I 
have previously asked for a time earlier than 1:00 P.M. Eastern for 
last week's  meeting. I had forgotten that, (as did everyone else). 
So, I just kept my mouth shut when I discovered my error in 
misremembering 1:00 P.M. during last week's TC meeting. I would have 
said something, but I  personally, mentioned the 1:00 P.M. time 
during the TC meeting--so I was hoist on my own petard as a result, 
and I just endured the conflict as my own dumb fault.)

However, just so everyone knows, I prefer meeting times before 9:30 
A.M. Pacific Time, since my time is almost always taken over by 
unavoidable daily business.


At 11:32 PM -0500 3/16/05, Kon Wilms wrote:
>Is there any reason why these meetings can not be bumped up an hour 
>or two so people on
>the west coast can participate?
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