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emergency message

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Subject: Re: [emergency] Status of CAP 1.1, EDXL scope

Hi Mike, Glad to have you - join the fray!  As to your questions:
1.  CAP 1.1 was worked in the Message and Notification Subcommitee and brought to the TC for approval.  It was first to be just a few editorial comments and some minor fixes.  However, as we see that 2.0 is further down the road given the EDXL work at hand, we took comments and have worked through a few things some implementers needed to get their jobs done.  It is still at the TC level working out a few more details and hopefully will be voted on within the week....or so.  Then it will go to public comment.
2.  No we haven't a defined URL for comments on 1.1 and only expect very slight changes from what is there now and what has been published in the last two weeks of meeting notes.
3.  Currently the EDXL Distribution Element is being worked at the TC level in a working group forum - notes also on the site.  There are also some "requirements documents" on the site that were handed off to the TC from DHS via the EIC.  This was a starting point for us and we are working through it.  The same DHS/EIC community is preparing the next set of EDXL requirements which will be for "resource." 
Hope that answers your questions,
Elysa Jones, Chair
Warning Systems, Inc.
256-880-8702 x102

At 12:32 PM 3/18/2005, Mike Dillon - Drummon Group wrote:
Hi all,
I have been trying to come up to speed as an observer. You’all are doing an amazing
job on this, congratulations!.
Can I ask three newbie questions?
       What is the status of CAP 1.1 (public review?)
       Do you have a url for current CAP 1.1 draft?
       Briefly, what is the key motivation behind EDXL? Widen the scope? Harmonize with US federal initiatives?
Thanks in advance,
Mike Dillon
Drummond Group Inc.

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