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Subject: CAP Demos at PBS Tech 2005 / NAB 2005

Hi All,

Just an FYI - a couple of the broadcast vendors and system integrators
that are supporting CAP will be demonstrating solutions for pushing and
receiving CAP over DTV and Satellite delivery mechanisms at PBS Tech
2005 and NAB 2005. These include interoperability demos between vendors.

Prior years have only had one vendor showing CAP (NDS). However this
year the coverage has expanded. :-)

This is the current list of demos that I know of. If anyone has anything
to add, let me know.

There will be multi-vendor/organization (APTS, SpectraRep, Logic
Innovations, VBOX & BBTI) demos at the ATSC HotSpot area (South Hall,
Second floor entrance) throughout the show. More info here:

Logic Innovations will be showing the first CAP-capable
set-top-box/router/receiver, with built-in embedded mapserver. More info

SpectraRep will be showing IncidentOne, delivering CAP to PC receivers
and the Logic set-top-box. More info here (no press release yet):

If you're in the area, here are the dates and websites for NAB and

PBS Tech 2005 - April 14 to 16
NAB 2005 - April 16 to 21


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