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emergency message

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Subject: Re: [emergency] CAP v EDXL?

At 11:47 AM +1000 4/22/05, Renato Iannella wrote:
>Hi all - I apologise if this issue has already been raised and discussed,
>but I am slightly confused as to the scope of CAP versus EDXL within the
>context of this TC?

Renato -

CAP came first and focused on alerting/eventing/attention-management 
applications.  EDXL was a follow-on initiative to create an 
integrating framework for a wide range of emergency data exchange 
standards to support operations, logistics, planning and finance. 
(The first instance of EDXL is set to be a common routing-assertion 
element that can be used to envelop other kinds of XML documents 
including CAP messages... but that's just one component, not the 
whole idea.)

The Technical Committee's plan has been to continue to refine the 
existing CAP 1.0 spec, which is already in use in a variety of 
systems and addresses a number of immediate needs, though one or more 
sub-versions (CAP 1.1 being in work right now)... while at the same 
time setting up the broader EDXL framework... and then to bring CAP 
into that larger framework with CAP 2.0 at some point in the future.

So... CAP is a particular document for a narrow set of 
applications... while EDXL was conceived as a much broader framework 
for integrating numerous documents and application types.

Perhaps an even narrower distinction is between the EDXL and the U.S. 
National Information Exchange Model (NIEM), which is based on the 
U.S. Global Justice XML Data Model.  Other folks here can speak to 
that relationship better than I can, but I will point out that OASIS 
operates on an international basis, whereas the NIEM is a U.S. 
government initiative... and also that, again, EDXL was launched 
prior to the announcement of NIEM, so some degree of overlap is not 
necessarily surprising.

A few enterprising journalists have characterized the EDXL/NIEM 
relationship vividly as "dueling XML efforts," but I think that's a 
superficial and flawed characterization.  Everyone involved is 
working together toward shared goals, and there's certainly plenty of 
work to go around.

Hope that helps!

- Art

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