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emergency message

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Subject: EM-Msg Meeting 004-26-05

Hi Everyone,

Here are the Minutes of our last meeting,

EM-Msg Meeting March 29, 2005 Minutes

Voting Members:
Eleanor Robinson

Kon Wilms
Rex Brooks
Adam Hocek
Eleanor Robinson

We had neither quorum, nor agenda, and met 
largely because the chair had not cancelled the 

Kon mentioned that he had been contacted by 
members of a working group/technical committee 
equivalent group named Emergency Services 
Interconnection Forum (ESIF) of the ┼lliance for 
Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS), 
which is roughly equivalent to OASIS. They are 
working on a standard titled Wireless E-911Phase 
II Readiness Package, or, to be more accurate, 
that is what a quick scan of their website 

Rather than attempt to paraphrase Kon's 
description of this effort, it is suggested that 
interested members visit http://atis.org/esif and 
read through the information available there.

Those who contacted Kon, were interested in 
coordinating their work with ours with particular 
emphasis on CAP and EDXL. Rex suggested that this 
be brought up during the Face-to-Face Meetings in 
New Orleans during the OASIS Symposium.

Kon also brought up the effort by such firms as 
AccuWeather to encourage legislation to reduce or 
eliminate distribution of National Weather 
Service data which they have an interest in 
repackaging and selling through various media 
channels. This was brought home to him during his 
recent attendance at the National Association of 
Broadcasters'  NAB2005 Convention.

Kon also mentioned that the the National Weather 
Service was developing a project or effort call 
HazCollection. However, a quick search only 
turned up a reference to Household hazardous 
waste collection, so the name may be misspelled 
or have a different spelling.

The meeting adjourned

Rex Brooks
President, CEO
Starbourne Communications Design
GeoAddress: 1361-A Addison
Berkeley, CA 94702
Tel: 510-849-2309

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