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Subject: Broadcast Interoperability Testing

Hi Folks,

I'm in the process of looking at what may be needed for EDXL and CAP
routing over satellite/terrestrial/wireless networks, in terms of
protocol handling, translation, and other issues. As such, I need more
than just a couple of CAP files to test this with. ;-) 

If there are any folks on the list who make a CAP generation, messaging,
or routing system that can output CAP files and/or EDXL data, and you
are interested in testing or adding capability for your CAP system to
deliver over wireless terrestrial, satellite or other such links, please
contact me on or off the list for more details. Since the company I work
for manufactures most of the equipment needed for digital transmission,
setting up a test bed and routing the data end-to-end is not a problem.
Depending on the interest level we may be able to do some live testing
in the San Diego area.

I anticipate that there will be issues around interfacing and how best
to deliver data, and I think it would be a good idea to push those kind
of issues back onto the list for inclusion in the CAP user guidelines
(or whatever we are calling it now) or best practices guide. Hopefully
there will be some real-world experiences that can prove helpful in the
committee work, as well as the bread and butter realm.


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