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Subject: TargetArea



Elysa asked me to send you this note so that we make sure that we address it in the implementer’s guide.


As I was reading through the emails between Art and Kon, I realized that we have not explicitly stated that other elements in the distribution element can be used for targeting. I am copying an excerpt from Art’s email, which I think clarifies this –


I'm afraid this proposal is based on a misunderstanding of <targetArea> as the only part of the EDXL Distribution Element (DE) that describes the target audience.  That's simply not the case.


The optional <targetArea> structure describes a "target area" in geospatial terms (either explicitly using OGC-compliant features or by reference to well-known political boundaries using standard international codes.)  But other tags in the DE, including <keyword>, <recipientRole> and <recipientAddress>, also describe the target audience, in non-geospatial and potentially system- or context- specific terms.







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