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emergency message

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Subject: Re: [emergency] Proposal to extend the EDXL TargetArea to allow more flexible targeting/filtering/content routing

Hi Renato,  I am sensitive to your need for additional clarity in the 
specification - especially due to the fact that you are unable to attend 
the conference calls that normally occur time zones away.  Once we hammer 
out issues, most of us are painfully familiar with the details and we tend 
to put very short and terse information in the data dictionary.  I would 
encourage you to consider helping us with this part of the 
specification.  Maybe you could start with <keyword> since it is a bit of 
an abstraction that is very powerful but also not very well 
understood.  You have probably read the original documentation of 
"requirements" that were handed off to us by the EIC for the DE (In docs 
dated Nov 04).  In that document, the lists were provided 
explicitly.  Patti Aymond may also be a good sounding board for this 
clarify since she has agreed to work on an "implementers" guide or cook 
book for using the work of the TC.  She also expressed a need for more 
detail in the spec.  However, she is on vacation this week.  Thanks for 
your input.  Elysa

At 01:05 AM 6/1/2005, Art Botterell wrote:
>On May 31, 2005, at 5/31/05 8:43 PM, Renato Iannella wrote:
>>Then the definition goes onto say:
>>"Examples of things <keyword> might be used to describe include
>>event type, event etiology, incident ID and response type"
>>Which seems much broader.
>Particularly if we don't focus on the role of such values in content- 
>based routing systems.  As you can see from the initial prototype and
>requirements, the <keyword> mechanism is a generalization of the
>original collection of itemized lists covering each of those
>particular topics.
>Since such taxonomies might come from various standards projects that
>are in various stages of maturity, and since we weren't confident we
>could enumerate all the topics that might be useful in the future,
>the TC abstracted them into the more flexible <keyword> structure.
>>It maybe more clearer if we adopt a more structured definition
>>standard, such as ISO11179
>Quite possibly.  It would be great if someone were to step forward
>and take a stab at converting the current data dictionary into such a
>Also, it seems like some confusion has resulted from our intermittent
>use of the term "target," which may have fostered the misimpression
>that there's information in the DE that ISN'T related to message
>"targeting" in one way or another.  So maybe we could advance both
>clarity and conciseness by simply dropping that particular word.
>- Art
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