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emergency message

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Subject: Re: [emergency] Groups - Draft Meeting Notes 5-31-05.doc uploaded

> The document named Draft Meeting Notes 5-31-05.doc has been submitted 

I just want to add that on issue 2 there was discussion that the
definition of targetarea (as it currently appears in the EDXL draft
document) would be changed in such a way to indicate to implementers
that the distribution element area keyword can also be used for
content-targeting of messages.

If keyword is the desired approach then the above would clarify it. I
see the point to targetarea being geo-related only. I personally prefer
the suggestion Renato has brought forward which would be that of
alternate targeting blocks for non-geographic use. This is part style
(grouping like elements so as not to clutter the distribution header for
readability purposes) and function (grouping these targets so as to
allow for tracing content delivery chains at a high level).


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