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emergency message

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Subject: Re: [emergency] Distribution Message V Message Content

Renato -

To my ear, a "notification" is separate from the event or item  
referenced, which isn't quite what's happening here.  (A CAP message  
would be an example of a notification in that sense.)

However, this is the ongoing discussion... should the Distribution  
Whatever be a single message that can have multiple components, or is  
it a collection of separate messages?

I think our current nomenclature evolved from the view that the DE/DW  
was the "message" and the included items were "elements" within that  
message.  My personal view is that we set out / were asked to specify  
a messaging format... and while various processing systems might  
slice-and-dice the message contents in various ways, that's a  
separate process.

Alas, we've seen a pattern lately where folks extend one of our  
products way beyond its original scope, and then blame our work when  
it doesn't work.  (One suspects some of them may be looking for  
opportunities to discredit the standards-based approach.)

So I'd urge us to err on the side of simplicity here.

- Art

On Jun 7, 2005, at 6/7/05 10:00 PM, Renato Iannella wrote:

> We use "message" when referring to both the "Distribution" message and
> the individual messages that is the content/payload of the  
> Distribution message.
> This is a little confusing.
> I was wondering if we called the "Distribution message" a  
> "Distribution notification"
> then we could then make clearer the distinction between the two?
> Cheers...
> Dr Renato Iannella
> Project Leader, NICTA, Brisbane, QLD, AUSTRALIA
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> E: renato@nicta.com.au W: http://nicta.com.au
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