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emergency message

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Subject: RE: [emergency] Circle and Polygon

That issue is not uncommon. Its standard practice for most DOM parsers
to load the entire XML file into memory before parsing. Get a few of
those going with threads and RAM decreases fast. I am sure that everyone
using fast desktop workstations with a gig of ram don't even notice it.
The little guys with 64MB of RAM on an embedded system do, however.

This would be about the time where I wave my 'split the resources into
separately referenced files' flag.

Ofcourse, this could also be purely a speed issue with some code that
needs optimization.


On Fri, 2005-06-10 at 11:12 -0500, Aymond, Patti wrote:
> Len,
> I cannot. Gary Ham has received complaints from DMIS users that the messages
> that we post that contain large, complex polygons have caused throughput
> problems. Gary, can you provide specifics?

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