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emergency message

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Subject: Fwd: In case you have colleages/associates who might be interested in attending

Begin forwarded message:

> From: "Eisenberg, Jon" <JEisenbe@NAS.EDU>
> Date: June 7, 2005 12:30:38 PM PDT
> Subject: In case you have colleages/associates who might be  
> interested in attending
> Reply-To: "Eisenberg, Jon" <JEisenbe@NAS.EDU>
> Please feel free to forward this invitation to interested
> colleages/associates...
> JUNE 22-23, 2005
> The National Academies Keck Center
> 500 5th Street, N.W., Washington, D.C.
> You are invited to attend a National Academies workshop on using
> information technology to enhance crisis management.  This event is
> organized by the National Research Council's Computer Science and
> Telecommunications Board and sponsored by the Federal Emergency
> Management Agency.
> The goals of the workshop are to explore emerging requirements,  
> identify
> opportunities for more effective use of technologies, and consider
> opportunities for research and associated research management and
> transition considerations to yield enhanced crisis response
> capabilities.  Speakers will address issues they see as critical to
> enhancing the future application of IT in preparedness, response, and
> consequence management of natural and human-made disasters.
> Questions to be explored at this event include:
> The Critical and Evolving Role of Information & Communication
> Technologies (ICTs) in Crisis Management: How might we better manage
> future crises?  What impact will major technology trends have on how
> disaster management is handled in the future?  How can we leverage
> commercial technology cost-performance curves yet meet special
> requirements?  What new technologies, approaches, and policies would
> help, and what research directions are promising?
> Research Directions for ICTs in Crisis Management: What research areas
> have application to crisis management?  How might leading edge  
> research
> be applied to crisis management?  How should the research agenda be
> established and evolved?  How can research results best be  
> transitioned
> into deployed capabilities?  What are the commonalities between
> commercial, civilian, and military capabilities and research and
> development activities, and how can technology advances and  
> knowledge be
> transferred from one to the other?
> Collaboration, Coordination, and Interoperability: Pressing Issues  
> in a
> Need-to-Share World: What policy and technical initiatives are  
> currently
> underway to improve wireless interoperability across federal,  
> state, and
> local levels?  What results are anticipated, and over what time  
> frames?
> How is data (including voice) generated, used, and shared across
> organizational boundaries today?  How do communication systems  
> relate to
> other information management systems related to disaster management?
> What kinds of interoperability are desired in the future?
> What technical, operational, economic and policy challenges are likely
> to be unresolved, and merit further research?  What obstacles to
> technology transition must be overcome?  What can be learned in  
> terms of
> technology and practice from efforts to forge more interoperable  
> systems
> in other contexts?
> If you wish to attend, please send an e-mail to Gloria Westbrook,
> <gwestbrook@nas.edu>, providing your name, affiliation, address, e- 
> mail
> address, and phone number.  She will reply with a confirmation of your
> registration along with logistical information.  There is no charge to
> attend this event, but space is limited.
> Please direct non-logistical questions about this event to Jon
> Eisenberg, <jeisenbe@nas.edu>, or Ted Schmitt, <tschmitt@nas.edu>.
> Please feel free to forward this invitation to colleagues who may be
> interested.
> Sincerely,
> Jon Eisenberg
> ================
> Jon Eisenberg, Ph.D., Senior Program Officer
> Computer Science and Telecommunications Board, The National Academies
> jeisenbe@nas.edu, 202-334-2689, or 202-334-2605 (main office)
> 500 Fifth Street NW, Keck 914, Washington, DC 20001
> cstb.org - Where the nation turns for independent, expert  
> assessments of
> computing, communications, and public policy

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