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Subject: EDXL/CAP Survey

Something to chew on.   This week I received 
a COMCARE survey for information on EDXL/CAP 
implementations, customers, populations served, etc. 
I have to reply that as of this time, we have 
no information about that to be released. 

As mentioned previously, public safety is an 
RFP-driven business.   Requirements that don't 
show up in at least three separate RFPs aren't 
likely to be implemented soon if ever.  How 
is this group and its supporters in government 
working to see to it that these specifications 
and standards are introduced commercially to 
the public safety industry through procurement 

Are there papers that explicitly illustrate where 
these standards fit into the product mix that an 
agency would be acquiring when purchasing say 
Dispatch, police, fire and EMT records systems?

Who declares a situation that would result in 
an EDXL/CAP message being broadcast?  Who receives 
it and under what jurisdiction?

We've discussed some of these topics briefly in the 
past, but I think that before we will see these 
standards in more than one or two very large 
procurements, the procurement officials need help 
with the requirements language.  I see mentions of 
GJXDM but little of EDXL/CAP.


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