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emergency message

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Subject: RE: [emergency] EDXL/CAP Survey

Because that's what fish like and there are only so many loaves. 
Sort out the worms and feed the people. :-)

I agree on how vendors see this.  We see RFPs.  Everything starts 
there, or at least that was the pre Sept 11 world.  Now we all 
realize that interoperability is not a nice to have but a got to 
have.  We get that down to our socks, but the first order of 
business is to respond with proposals.  The language spoken 
here must be reflected there or nothing will happen.  The 
NIEM component mapping process appears to me to be a great 
sieve and means to converge the parallel efforts.  What comes 
out of that should be citable.  *Easy citations to crystal 
clear requirements makes it possible to check mark.  That 
is exactly the way this should work because then we can 
reply with a) product price or b) development price or 
c) implementation price.  The RFP world of public safety 
is a fixed price world: do it for the quoted $ or lose money. 
That makes the bids very competitive and the pricing pressures 

If it helps, we do get inquiries from agencies about this 
work.  We know we must implement on-the-wire GJXDM regional 
systems.  CAD-to-CAD we can do now if the APCO specs are 
followed.  There are court system vendors such as New Dawn 
that have court systems based on GJXDM.  EDXL isn't finished, 
but that solves another piece of the puzzle.  The NIEM 
component maps and the IEPs get down to the nitty gritty 
of inter/intra justice system communications.

So it is a scheduling and resource issue.  We are creating 
product plans based on the perceptions of which standards 
are important, the order of implementation, and the customer 
change requests.  Even if not very exciting, I want to bring 
a procurement flavor to the discussion to increase the chances 
of getting systems to the street sooner.  A procurement 
story gets into the hands of the Gartner-like groups and 
then the RFPs.  From that point forward, just like igniting 
a solid rocket, the beastie is certain to move. 

If I had my way, Intergraph would blog just like Microsoft 
and Sun, and we would have a real time conversation going 
with the customers and their customers.  Then representation 
here would be much more efficient.  Blogging is something 
I encourage here, there and everywhere.


-----Original Message-----
From: Paul Embley [mailto:PEmbley@ghinternational.com]
Sent: Tuesday, June 14, 2005 3:27 PM
To: Bullard, Claude L (Len); Daconta, Michael; Emergency_Mgt_TC
Subject: RE: [emergency] EDXL/CAP Survey

Boy Len, you really like to open those cans labeled "worms."  The short
answer is that if people will follow the recommendations, there is
recommended RFP language which tells writers how to reference the GJXDM
work.  That said, most still think that "GJXDM Compliance" is just a
checkbox that a purchasing agent can check off.  We rely on outreach and
especially the vendors to educate the community on how to ask for an XML
"standard" (GJXDM, CAP, EDXL, etc.) in an RFP.  Mike and I are working quite
closely together on the NIEM.  Eventually we see the Criminal Justice and
Public Safety space being just another component of NIEM.
Hope this answers the questions.

	-----Original Message----- 
	From: Bullard, Claude L (Len) [mailto:len.bullard@intergraph.com] 
	Sent: Tue 6/14/2005 4:17 PM 
	To: Paul Embley; Daconta, Michael; Emergency_Mgt_TC 
	Subject: RE: [emergency] EDXL/CAP Survey

	Thanks, Paul.  That's helpful.
	The CAD work we are familiar with and have products (InterCAD) to
	What will be most useful will be references to the IEPs and some
SWAG as to
	completion.  Can I assume that a URI reference to the online
	will eventually be cited in the RFPs?
	Are these separate efforts under the NIEMs umbrella to ensure
	Is the NIEM Component Mapping process being applied?
	-----Original Message-----
	From: Paul Embley [mailto:PEmbley@ghinternational.com]
	Sent: Tuesday, June 14, 2005 3:12 PM
	To: Bullard, Claude L (Len); Daconta, Michael; Emergency_Mgt_TC
	Subject: RE: [emergency] EDXL/CAP Survey
	Many of these are already being worked on.  If any of you would like
	contacts in a specific area, let me know.  Here is how the
	have been broken out:
	Law Enforcement - SEARCH
	Courts - National Center for State Courts
	Prosecutor - IJIS Institute
	Corrections - Corrections Technology Association/National Law
	and Corrections Technology Center
	CAD - beginning work with NENA & APCO
	Fire - TBD
	There is a lot of overlap between all the different disciplines, so
in many
	instances there is strong collaboration.  I'll make sure that the
list you
	put together gets to the right people.  If it is of value to the
group, I
	can post the IEP's that are in process.
	        -----Original Message-----
	        From: Bullard, Claude L (Len)
	        Sent: Tue 6/14/2005 3:36 PM
	        To: 'Daconta, Michael'; Emergency_Mgt_TC
	        Subject: RE: [emergency] EDXL/CAP Survey
	        It will be helpful if these are broken out in accordance
	        the divisions in the public safety justice systems, for
	        police records to court records to corrections records.  By
	        slicing along the organizational lines, the relationships of
	        modules and subsets to the operational aspects of the
	        agencies are clearer, and therefore, easily related to the
	        in an RFP.
	        For example, (and very high level), a court system may want
	        IEPs related to:
	        o Case status updates
	        o Name information (including related names such as family,
	        aliases, etc.)
	          and mugshots/fingerprints (demographic data plus binary
	        o Custody status
	        o Disposition information (usually sent to State and local
	        o Exchange events, sentencing, and disposition to courts.
	        o Contacts (eg, officers, prosecutors, defenders, judges,
court and
	        corrections officials,
	          probation and parole) since arrest
	        o Sentencing data
	        That's a very basic list and well-within the boundaries of
	        systems share today.  If the modules are related to IEPs and
	        exchanged in accordance with the business rules of the local
	        agencies, the business rules might be set at the web service
	        are the message payloads extracted from the GJXDM as IEPs.
	        While I know there is no playlist yet, a playlist that can
	        to the RFPs would be that set of IEPs corresponding to the
	        that the agencies need immediately.  Would you envision the
	        working these out with the agency, or the agencies working
these out
	        and then requiring them of the vendor, or some mixture?
Note that
	        is the high amount of local customization for each state and
	        that keeps costs high given implementations even over
	        systems.  So, (obviously) convincing States to convince
Agencies to
	        share IEPs (particularly statute codelists) has big payoffs.
	        From: Daconta, Michael [mailto:Michael.Daconta@dhs.gov]
	        At this time there are no vertical
	        slices planned but we are open to suggestions.  We are still
	        the NIEM CONOPS and will look forward to this group's
feedback when
	        it is released (our internal vetting on this ends at the end
of the
	        As for RFPs, I suspect agencies will write into the language
	        requirement to support a specific version of NIEM (possibly
	        to specific modules but maybe not as this would require some
	        knowledge) that is applicable to their line of business.
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