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emergency message

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Subject: Re: [emergency] valueListURN

OK, I think I understand better now.  The URN would be more concise  
and "tech-friendly", while non-technical emergency managers might  
feel more at home with the "traditional list" alternative.  Both  
would amount to a unique value.

I wonder whether any of the groups that are developing taxonomies in  
the emergency management field are planning to construct and manage  
them in URN form.  We might be fairly far ahead of the user community  
with this option, although I can't say I see any harm in it.

Anyway, in that latter two-part form, it does strike me that the  
"namespacing" element would need to refer to a specific list and not  
just the responsible agency, since an agency might publish more than  
one list.  (And then, of course, we'd return to the question of  
whether it should be suggested, or even required, that the list  
actually be published for reference at its URI.)

- Art

On Jun 15, 2005, at 6/15/05 9:48 PM, Renato Iannella wrote:
> Art, proposal would then be to split into two components for  
> expressing values from controlled vocabularies or "less-controlled"  
> term lists.
> For example, either
> 1) "controlTerm" - must contain full URN for value (eg  
> "urn:oasis:roles:emergency-contact")
> or
> 2) "listAuthority" - URI of the owner of the list of terms (eg  
> "http://fire.gov.au";) - optional
>    "listTerm" - the value (eg "bush fire") - mandatory

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