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emergency message

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Subject: Re: [emergency] Re: Circle and Polygon

On Jun 20, 2005, at 6/20/05 8:49 AM, Carl Reed OGC wrote:
> There is a way forward that is simple, non-disruptive, and provides  
> 100% backwards compatibility.

Well, I'm sure the TC will look forward to hearing about it.  As you  
know,  my personal concerns are:

1) That we not complicate CAP implementation for thin devices any  
more than absolutely necessary; and,

2) That we not spawn inconsistent representations of target areas  
that could hamper global interoperability.

And, of course, I'm still not sure we've established that this  
actually is a significant problem... and I say that will all due  
respect to those several advocates who seem so passionate about it.

Certainly we've identified a number of precedents for standardizing  
on a single CRS, and I'm still not clear on exactly why that can't  
continue to work for us, too.

- Art

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