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emergency message

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Subject: Updating the EM TC website

Anyone who as actually looked at the EM TC home page lately will have noticed that it is woefully out of date. Elysa and I reviewed the content last week and came up with suggested changes. To avoid bombarding everyone with mail, I'll try to do these no more than once a week. 

First up: an introductory paragraph explaining the mission of the TC in greater detail than the OASIS summary allows. Since there has been much confusion about the difference between CAP and EDXL, that seemed like a good place to introduce it (we can get into the particulars in the FAQ). Thanks to Art, from whose email on the topic I borrowed liberally. Here it is:

The mission of the EM TC is to create incident and emergency-related standards for data interoperability. The EM TC welcomes participation from members of the emergency management community, developers and implementers, and members of the public concerned with disaster management and response.

Standards currently under review by the committee:

 The Common Alerting Protocol (CAP), a data interchange standard for alerting and event notification applications, currently in draft version 1.1. CAP functions both as a standalone protocol and as a payload for EDXL messages.

 The Emergency Data Exchange Language (EDXL), a follow-on initiative to create an integrated framework for a wide range of emergency data exchange standards to support operations, logistics, planning and finance.

Please email me with suggested changes. I'll try to get it live by next Friday, and move on to the next item.

Julia Ridgely
Long Branch Systems

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