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Subject: RE: GIS SC Update

All -

Sorry I have not yet posted the minutes from last Tuesday's GIS SC
concall. The meeting was very well attended and the discussion was very
lively and extremely productive. We spoke of EDXL and CIRCLE/POLYGON (as
per agenda).
I will be generated detailed meeting minutes. Until then, thanks to Gary
H. for providing an excellent summary of the issue, specifically tying the
discussion to Renato's EDXL distribution element information model (hope I
got that right:
1. Agreed to separate ongoing EDXL and CAP discussions as mixing the two
creates confusion.2. Agreed for EDXL that a simple GML schema fragment may be appropriate
for expressing POLYGON geometry.3. Agreed that WGS 84 would be appropriate for a default CRS for EDXL but
that we can use content elements to reference other CRS information (as
well as other geospatial payloads and metadata, such as real time sensor
Based on the discussion, I have an action to ask the OGC GML gurus (like a
contest :-) ) to provide the lightest weight GML fragment possible for
POLYGON. I have done this and have a couple of responses back.


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