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emergency message

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Subject: Metrics and Analysis SC first pass Statement of Purpose

Name: Metrics and Analysis

Statement of Purpose: The purpose of the Metric and Analysis Sub-committee (MASC) is to provide a forum in which measurements and characteristics pertaining to emergency management resources and usage of such resources can be reviewed with the goal of developing or recommending a standard for resource characterization.  This is not intended to replace or reformat existing registries or resource management tools.  It is intended to provide a standard way of representing the contents of the registry or tool when exchanging information for emergency management purposes, to include, but not be limited to, mutual aid.  Additionally, this Sub-committee may provide a forum in which to discuss emergency management performance metrics.  Measurement standards and systems pertaining to emergency management will be evaluated and discussed. The discussions of existing systems and new ideas will be held to determine a path toward a standardized methodology for emergency management analysis.
The Sub-committee will discuss and address issues in the specific areas of Metrics and Analysis as recommended by the broader Emergency Management Technical Committee.

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