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emergency message

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Subject: Illogical Naming was: Re: [emergency] Sensors and Systems Charter Starting Point

I have to say that I still do not see the logic behind the naming of
these focus groups. 

A sensor network is a system (and may comprise multiple systems), for
example. What category do systems that do not make use of sensors fall


> Hi Folks,
> I sent this out as a start on a Charter for Sensors and Systems with 
> a promise to expand on it to Michelle and Dave, Tuesday. I haven't 
> gotten back to it, so I am sending it along now.
> >As a statement of purpose I offer the following only as a point of
> >departure, a point to start from.
> >
> >"The purpose of the Sensors and Systems Subcommittee is to survey
> >existing standards, determine if they are sufficient for Emergency
> >Management TC purposes, and recommend how to use them, or, if we
> >determine that they are insufficient, recommend what the requirements
> >for a sufficient specification are, and a plan to create said
> >specification or form a necessary liaison with the group we determine
> >is better able to create it, so that the requirements we determine
> >are met."
> >
> >I think it would be just as valid to say that we should determine
> >requirements first, then see if those are met be existing
> >specifications, I just thought it was shorter to imply that and only
> >state it in the case that the existing specifications prove
> >insufficient. However, we are likely to look at existing specs first
> >anyway just to see what other groups have set out as requirements. I
> >tend to think of requirements as scope, but I am also perfectly
> willing to adjust that, too.
> Dave is in San Diego on work trip and may or may not be able to join 
> in. Haven't heard from Michelle.
> Tom Merkle is also out on work related meetings, so I can speak for 
> Infrastructure, too.

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