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emergency message

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Subject: Interest in an interop at IAEM Conference (Nov. in Phoenix)?

As discussed at the meeting in New Orleans, OASIS has invited us to exhibit at XML 2005 in Atlanta. Unfortunately, the conference dates conflict with the IAEM Annual Conference (Phoenix, November 14-15). Given that this is the year's biggest conference for emergency managers, it seems that if we're going to do a fall interop, it would be better done at the IAEM conference.

Would any EM TC members, either corporate or individual, be interested in participating? No doubt some companies will already be there with their own booths.

Please let me know if you're interested. If so, I will need to submit a proposal to OASIS. If you have not participated before, you can review the interop rules on the OASIS main site. Essentially, OASIS reserves the space, equipment, and staff; members prepare the demo and materials and pay a fee (usually $750) to cover OASIS costs.

Julia Ridgely
EM TC Secretary
President, Long Branch Systems

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