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emergency message

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Subject: RE: [emergency] Illogical Structure?

>I hope neither you nor Tom are taking my comments personally.  My
concern was sparked in no small part by looking at the >difficulties the
infrastructure SC has faced since its inception... what, three years

Granted the IF SC has had issues in gaining traction and stabilizing
it's role. Do not become the historian of failure, where hindsight is
used to cloud the use foresight and corrective actions to ensure the
future success.

>It isn't that these aren't important questions... I'm just not sure our
TC has a broad enough membership to do these
>architectural tasks justice.  Where we've made headway in the past
we've obtained our initial marching orders, in the
>forms of requirements and even first- draft implementations, from
larger constituencies.

If you feel the TC doesn't have the skill sets to perform our mandate,
then it is our responsibility to reach out and find the skill sets to
help solve our dilemma. Outreach to the various communities of interest
are just as critical as our technical expertise. This is the power of
the TC, able to combine the "what if" with the "who can".

>I'm not even sure it's prudent for our TC to try to set policy
directions.  Our charter and expertise has to do with 
>crafting neutral implementations.  If we start trying to do
architecture I'm afraid we might even impair our 
>acceptability with folks who have their own dogs in the hunt.

Neutral doesn't mean ambiguous. Again, outreach to concerned parties is
imperative. Legitimate concerns have every right to be heard and vetted
in our open environment. 

>Just by way of illustration, I'm attaching two whitepapers by folks
doing innovative work in the "infrastructure" space.  >These aren't
sensor-oriented, but I suspect they have equivalents in that domain.   
>(Those who know me know this, but just for the record, my forwarding
these items in no way constitutes an endorsement on my part.)

Why attach white papers that do not support your stance, but suspect
there may be equivalents that may? We are bringing in sensor experts
from the various areas under our outreach efforts.

Tom Merkle
CapWIN:        www.capwin.org 
Phone:          (301) 614-3720
Cell Phone:   (240) 375-1966
Fax:               (301) 614-0581
e-mail:           tmerkle@capwin.org
6305 Ivy Lane Suite 300
Capital Office Park
Greenbelt, MD 20770

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