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Subject: FYI: WeatherBug Streamer 3.0 Enables Emergency Managers and First Responders

Wonder if they are familiar with CAP?
WeatherBug Streamer 3.0 Enables Emergency Managers and First Responders to Act Faster and Save Lives   PDF  Print  E-mail
Written by WeatherBug  
Wednesday, 10 August 2005
GERMANTOWN, Md.--Aug. 9, 2005--WeatherBug: Alerts and Improved Mapping Technology Provide Superior Weather Intelligence With Highly Granular, Integrated Weather Reports, Enabling Professionals To Better Identify and Track Wind Conditions and Approaching Severe Weather Events

WeatherBug, the leading provider of live, local weather information services, today announced the release of WeatherBug Streamer 3.0, an online application that provides instantaneous, integrated weather intelligence for first responders (http://www.weatherbuggovernment.com/firstresp/default.asp). Streamer is the only application that displays data from the WeatherBug proprietary network of 8,000 Tracking Stations throughout the U.S.

Only WeatherBug Streamer 3.0 offers emergency managers and first responders exclusive live, local weather conditions with personalized severe weather data. Severe weather alerts from the National Weather Service, "threshold" alerts set from any of the WeatherBug Tracking Stations, radar-based severe weather alerts, and multiple data layering assure pinpoint accuracy and relevancy enabling government customers to better prepare and respond to emergency situations.

Weather reports from alternative weather information providers are based at airports and can be more than an hour old. With its exclusive network plus more than 8,000 Tracking Stations and 1,000 cameras throughout the U.S., WeatherBug Streamer 3.0 delivers up-to-the-second, customizable views of weather data including current weather and wind conditions, local radar, current weather contour, satellite, lightning strikes, live camera views and forecast updates. With this product release, emergency managers can precisely assess the impact of current weather conditions and determine which municipalities to evacuate, select approach routes for first-responders, and choose the type of equipment to dispatch to a disaster site.

WeatherBug Streamer 3.0 allows users to select up to 23 warnings, including: alerts for storms, tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, non-precipitation, marine warnings and advisories, fire weather and civil emergency severe warnings. Alert thresholds can be set for low and high temperatures, heat index, average and current wind speeds, wind chill, wind gusts, rain rate and daily accumulation of rain. This combination of historical data and personalized, up-to-the-second reports introduces an unprecedented level of precision to the tracking and analysis of weather. Users also have the ability to select and monitor lightning, hail and heavy precipitation. The application visibly and audibly alerts the user when active alerts post in their selected regions.

WeatherBug Streamer 3.0 also enables public safety departments to observe and interpret up to five layers of weather data on the same map, such as humidity and heat index. This enables Streamer customers to monitor potentially dangerous weather, such as lightning or a tornado. For greater precision, users can pan and zoom selected maps of roads and counties, integrating their own custom layer data, such as fire hydrants, hospitals or other data. This unique perspective assures pinpoint accuracy and relevance.

"With Hurricane Season well underway, severe weather often hampers first responders' ability to respond as quickly as they would like to the needs of their community," said John Doherty, senior vice president, professional services at WeatherBug. "With WeatherBug Streamer, our customers now have critical weather information available - anywhere, to help protect and serve within 'the golden hour', the most critical period of saving time and saving lives."

Carl Reed, PhD
CTO and Executive Director Specification Program
The OGC: Helping the World to Communicate Geographically
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