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Subject: Data v Info Model

The new proposed Committee Draft document (5 Aug 2005) uses the "Data  
from the 2 May 2005 draft document. The 20 June 2005 draft document  
proposed an
"Information Model".

After the posting of the 20 June 2005 draft document there was a lot  
of discussion
on the semantics/structure for a number of elements (eg Circle,  
Polygon, URI, deRefURI,
ValueListURN etc) as well as the model changes where all the target  
based elements were
under the Target  entity/class, and the Messages were structured into  
3 types of optional
entities/classes. The end result of this was consensus on some of the  
semantics and

However, now that the 5 Aug 2005 CD has gone back to the elements and  
data model
from the 2 May 2005 draft document, it is UNCLEAR to me what the next  
are to move the CD forward.

Do we now have to:
  - discuss the info V data model
  - discuss the semantics of the above elements
  - discuss the changes to the structure

Perhaps I missed some decisions in the teleconferences (which is not  
accessible to Australian members)
but I would like some FIRM idea as to the current plan for working on  
the CD and some idea as to
WHY we did not use the 20 June 2005 draft document as the source for  
the CD.


Cheers...  Renato Iannella
National ICT Australia (NICTA)

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