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emergency message

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Subject: Re: [emergency] Groups - EDXL DE spec to date(XHTML_EDXL_DE_spec081405.html) uploaded

Some comments on the deref data:

"Size Element must be in bytes and represent the raw file size (not
encoded or encrypted)."

Content may be encrypted outside of the document encryption mechanism
used. This could be confusing.


"<documentation>Approximate size of the content item (in its un-encoded
form) in bytes.</documentation> "

Needs to have 'approximate' removed. It is harder to approximate the
size of a file on disk than it is to give its actual size.

last, do we intend to state the same guidelines as used with CAP? i.e.
the derefURI data should not be used to encapsulate large files like
video data, or any data that would have an impact on the timely delivery
of the message as a measure of the transport bandwidth over which it is


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